52 Day Challenge

     We looked at the book of Nehemiah a few weeks ago in a lesson titled “Rise Up and Build.” The walls around Jerusalem remained in shambles for 90 years after the Jews first returned from captivity. When Nehemiah comes along, he helps the people rebuild the walls in just 52 days! This story is a testament to what children of God can accomplish, even in a short amount of time, when we have “a mind to work,” (Nehemiah 4:6). 

     What can you accomplish in just 52 days if you have a mind to work? Is there a habit you need to develop, or a habit you need to break? Is there something you have put off for far too long that needs your attention? Is there something you can start doing this week that will glorify God or strengthen your faith? Here are a few possibilities to consider:

     If you’re reading this in our weekly email on Saturday, September 16, then 52 days from today is Tuesday, November 7. Fifty-two days is a bit arbitrary. Do you need 2 full months? Go for it. Maybe you would like until the end of the year, that’s fine, too. The basic idea is to embrace more of a “sprint” than a “marathon” approach to a specific goal. If you are up to the challenge, then be sure to pray about it.

     The goal of this exercise is improvement, not perfection. Do not get discouraged and quit if  you do not get off to the start you want. The idea is to build a habit and develop “a mind to work.” Consider sharing your goal with someone and asking them to be your accountability partner. Let’s see what we can accomplish in our walk with God in the next 52 days.  

“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” I Corinthians 10:31