History of the Church in Danville, IN

History of the Church in Danville, IN

The church known today as the Danville church of Christ began more than four decades ago. The church initially assembled in Avon, Indiana at the home of Richard and Betty Hartsock. The first meeting occurred on September 28, 1968 in the Hartsock’s garage. Meeting in the garage, the church grew to thirty-eight members. After two years it became obvious more room was needed.

In 1970 these brethren purchased the house in downtown Danville, Indiana, where, today, Gillespie Florist is located (on the right), near the intersection of Indiana and Clinton Streets. The church met at this location for four years. After growing to a membership of fifty again more room was needed.

The Danville church then purchased the property at 2849 East Main Street, the location where the church continues to meet. Together, with much hard work and a strong faith in God these brethren soon erected a building in which to worship.

Today there are about 140 members. As of May 2017, the church is shepherded by three elders and served by eight deacons. The Danville church of Christ is simply a group of Christians trying to live, work and worship as God instructs in His word. The goal of the Danville church of Christ is to restore original Christianity in the hearts of honest men and women.

Among the preachers who have worked with the Danville church of Christ are Harry Thetford, Mo Hafley, Stan Caldwell, Dwayne Bronger, David Lytle, and J.R. Bronger. Presently, Jerome Sasanecki preaches for the church. Jerome came to Danville June 3, 2016.

Updated 5/2017